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More Work

Facebook Shoppable Windows

Turning vacant retail windows into Facebook's latest shopping surface.

Meta WFH Poster Project

How do you keep the office culture alive in the WFH era?

Creative Life Lessons

A podcast that explores what it takes to build a creatively fulfilling life and career.

Take the Cannes Lions Festival Home

Giving agency people the chance to cater their post-Cannes lunch and learns with a special doggie bag.

Mercedes Take The Wheel

Harnessing the power of Instagram to promote the All-New CLA to a Gen Y audience. 

Google Build with Chrome

Demonstrating the potential of the Chrome browser by combining two of the world’s best-loved brands.

Covid-19 Baby Onesies

Exploiting the lockdown baby boom to raise money for COVID 19 relief.

SUPR Big Game Launch

Launching an ESG brand during the big game.

Mercedes GLApacked

How do you sell a car, without a car?

USAA The Flyover

The ultimate salute to those who have answered the call.

The Art of Noise

Visually demonstrating a sound design studio's deep understanding of the #AdLife.

Mercedes BYO Instagram

Hacking Instagram's tagging functionality to bring customization to Mercedes' customers.

Google Frontrow

A groundbreaking gadget to give anyone in the world a frontrow seat.

Mercedes Uncharted

Chronicling the journey of Mercedes' most pioneering SUV — the GLC — as it trekked to uncharted locations across the US.

Why clean when you can Kaboom?

Smart YO

The world's first text message induced test drive.

Mercedes me Launch

Capturing how the luxury experience starts even before the journey begins.

Meta InstaVend

Bringing Instagram Shops to life, in real life.

The Human Camera

Creating unintentional art while playing your favorite sport.

How to spend your time wisely while waiting for your girlfriend to finish her hairdo. 

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