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About the project

Although Google’s Chrome browser provides a better experience of the web, it doesn’t come bundled with a Mac or PC (like Explorer or Safari).

Our goal was to drive downloads by demonstrating Chrome’s superior performance and by showcasing its true bleeding edge capabilities.


To demonstrate the power of Chrome in 3D, we combined two of the world’s best-loved products – Google Maps and LEGO – and gave people an opportunity to exercise their creativity. 

Build with Chrome became an instant online success story, amassing 500,000 visitors in the first 48 hours, with more than 35,000 hours spent playing. By its first three weeks, we had over a million visitors publishing more than 66,000 builds – all without a single penny spent on paid media.

(The activation also happened to pick up a few metal doorstops at award shows including The Webbys, Cannes Lions, and The One Show.)


Build With



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