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About the project

Is it possible to launch a car using nothing but five mobile phones? Our Mercedes Take the Wheel social campaign sought to answer this question. Over a five week period, we targeted elusive Gen Y car buyers where they were increasingly spending time: on Instagram.

Selecting five of IG’s most popular photographers, we gave each of them a not-yet-released Mercedes CLA and told them to document and share their adventures with the car on the social platform. Whoever would get the most likes during their week with the car could keep the car.

The campaign ultimately drove over 87 million organic impressions on Instagram alone, and the photos received more than 2 million likes; the campaign trailer even generated a whopping 11 million views – all with no paid promotion.

Visits to hit an all-time high and when the CLA was officially launched in September, it broke sales records. The photographers also ended up creating more than 150 authentic new marketing assets for future CLA promotions.


Take The



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