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Featured work

Penn Li

Award-Winning Creative / Art / Design Director

They Came From All Over

In Association with Meta

Shining a light on what happens when a small town faces the prospect of losing its grocery store.

Turning vacant retail windows into Facebook's latest shopping surface.

Giving agency people the chance to cater their post-Cannes lunch and learns with a special doggie bag.

Demonstrating the potential of the Chrome browser by combining two of the world’s best-loved brands.

Chronicling the journey of Mercedes' most pioneering SUV - the GLC - as it trekked to uncharted locations across the US.

Harnessing the power of Instagram to promote the All-New CLA to a Gen Y audience. 


The workforce of the world is going hybrid. How do you keep the office culture alive?

Bringing Instagram Shops to life in real life.

The Art of Noise

Visually demonstrating a sound design studio's deep understanding of the #AdLife.

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